Let us Put Your Ad in Every One’s Mail Box

Reach your potential customers with the best advertising method!

response is guaranteed for direct mail service as your ad will be delivered to thousands of mailboxes within any zip code you choose

What is Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail is a form of Direct Marketing in which businesses send letters, postcards or other promotional materials to past, current or potential customers or clients. Direct mail campaigns may be targeted to either a consumer or business market (or both).  In many cases, the mailing is directed to a target demographic or geographic market. In most cases, it’s mass or bulk mailing, but you can send direct mail in smaller quantities as well.

Advantages of using Direct Mail

Direct mail is a traditional way of advertising but it is still the most efficient way to get response & cost wise, as it is considered bulk mailing, prices per piece will be cheaper than any other mailing service.

Also, the mailing lists are always updated by the united states postal service so you will not send any mail to a vacant house / business.

Another thing to be mentioned; that we can customize the targeted audience depending on many factors, like Age, Income, Language so we make sure to deliver your ad to the right person!

At MS Media we have 3 methods of direct mailing


1- EDDM Service:

Every Door Direct Mail, in this service, we send all flyers to every mailbox within the zip code you select regardless any criteria in the audience list.

2- Selective Mail:

We send the flyers to your choice of audience (businesses or credentials) or both combined, and you can select from some other criteria like ages, income & household type (House, apartment or town house).

3- Advanced Targeted Mailing:

In this service, you can select your audience according to more advanced criteria, like Language, Education Level, Profession, Marital Status, Cars owned and many more advanced Fields.

How it Works

1- Design The Ad 

Our graphic designers will design the perfect ad for your business before printing it.

2- Printing the ad

We will print your ad on any size and thickness you select

3- Find The Right Audience 

We will help you to target the right audience according to your business nature and within any zip code you chose so you get the maximum return from a potential customers

4- Delivery

Your ad will be delivered to all targeted customers mailboxes

Get results & response within the first week


*Prices for mailing only and do not include printing price


Audience Criteria

Minimum Order



per piece

To everybody, no selections, it will be sent to every box in a zip code

1000 PCS



per Piece

Age, Income, Businesses or Houses, Household Type (Apartment, House)


1000 PCS



Starting From / Piece

Language, Education, Profession, Origins, Marital Status Cars Owned

1000 PCS